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Tadeusz Caliński
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Professor Tadeusz Caliński

Tadeusz Caliński was born on September 4, 1928, in Poznań. In 1953 he received the M.Sc. degree in Agriculture from the Agricultural University of Poznań, followed by a three-years study of mathematics at the Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznań. The Ph.D. in Agriculture and Forestry he obtained in 1961 and the D.Sc. in 1966, both from the Agricultural University of Poznań.

From 1953 to 1964 T. Caliński worked in the Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding, Agricultural University of Poznań. From 1964 to 1988 he was a faculty member of the Department of Statistical Methods, Agricultural University of Poznań (from 1971 Department of Mathematical and Statistical Methods). From 1968 till 1984 he was the Head of this Department. In 1974 he was awarded the title of Extraordinary Professor of Natural Sciences. He became Emeritus Professor in 1988. In 1988 T. Caliński got the title of Ordinary Professor of Natural Sciences, awarded by the State Council of Poland and in 1998 he got the title of Honoris Causa Doctoris awarded by the Senate of the Agricultural University of Poznań. In 2008 Professor Caliński was awarded the Doctoral Degree honoris causa by the Warsaw University of Life Sciences.

The main achievements of Professor T.Caliński are:
- Foundation of the Poznań inter-university school in mathematical statistics and biometry, which has become one of the most important schools of this type in Poland and has been well recognized world wide.
- Promotions of 24 Ph.D. students in mathematical statistics and biometry. Thirteen of them have received the D.Sc. degree and now occupy important positions in academical education and science. Ten of them have already been awarded the (state) title of Professor of Mathematical or Agricultural Sciences.
- Stimulation of interest in mathematical statistics and biometry among mathematicians, particularly by initiating and then chairing for several years the Commission for Mathematical Statistics at the Committee for the Mathematical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences.
- Promotion and dissemination of statistical and biometrical methods among students and research workers from various fields of science, both by teaching and consulting. This has received high recognition, expressed, e.g., by invitations to give courses of lectures abroad (in Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Germany and Portugal).
- Initiation of and contribution to fruitful international co-operation between Polish statisticians and biometricians and their colleagues in various countries (particularly in Netherlands, France, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Japan and Portugal).

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