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As the LINSTAT’2008 Conference is now entering the history of science and international cooperation, and we all have fresh memories of it, let me express profound and sincere thanks for the initiative, preparation and conduct of the magnificent event.
First of all the initiators, mainly from the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Methods, Agricultural University of Poznań, deserve thanks and appreciation Their original idea had gained support from important institutions, the Committee of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences in particular. This opened the possibility of choosing Będlewo as the place of the conference, a site very suitable for such endeavor. With this perspective, the initiators were able to find proper people to act in the various committees: Scientific, Organizing and Honorary. Thanks go to members of those for their fruitful activity and effective cooperation. As a result of their work, an extremely interesting program of the con-ference has been composed, with speakers involved in high standard research on linear or other statistical models and their applications in different fields of science and practical activity. They all have contributed, with their talks and presentations, to the success of the conference. Their achievements earned them respect and admiration of other participants. Let me express thanks to them on behalf of all of us who have attended the conference.
I personally would like to thank all participants for their so friendly words addressed to me, either in speech or writing. With regard to the latter, I particularly appreciate very much the contributions by Leo C. A. Corsten, Hilmar Drygas, Jan Hauke, Andrzej Michalski, Wiktor Oktaba, Gavin J. S. Ross and Mirosława Wesołowska-Janczarek to Part IV of the booklet Program and Abstracts of the Conference. Returning now to the organizers, I am most grateful to all of them, listed on page 5 of the booklet. In particular, I would like to express my sincere and cordial thanks to two persons from the list, whose tremendous efforts have made the whole project so successful, to Katarzyna Filipiak and Augustyn Markiewicz.
With a great appreciation of the success of the Conference, and best wishes to all participants,

Tadeusz Caliński

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